Change of Plans

2016-06-04 12:42:26 by widemouthink

So ended up not going with the sketchy posts for Endless Halls. In fact, it's highly likely that I'll only be uploading the finished pages for that story.

However, I'm still thinking of making some comics on the side with the sketchy look. Just not sure how I'll go about uploading them. (schedule wise)

Still working on some new pieces to put in my portfolio, just wanted to keep this page updated.


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2016-06-04 14:58:45

Just upload them when you can.

Have you considered creating a thread in the art forum for the sketchy versions and all of your other stuff that's not 'portal ready'? Personally I'd love it if you did 'cuz that means seeing more of your stuff, more frequently! Give it some thought! ...and good luck with your portfolio :D

widemouthink responds:

I suppose I can do that too.


2016-06-04 15:12:50

Yay! Looking forward to it!