Update on Life

2016-07-24 19:18:47 by widemouthink

So, I’ve been inactive for a while, but for good reason.

For one, I’ve been trying to get a paying job and I may just have nailed it.

I’ve also been trying to stave off social media sites to avoid distractions. I’ll continue to do so for a while cause it’s done wonders for me.

Had some time to think about the direction of the project. I’ve mentioned before that I’m still working on it, but the small hiatus let me see a few kinks that needed to be dealt with.

I said I would write everything out before continuing work on it, but turns out, I really didn’t need to write that much before I got my motivation to work again.


Small preview, still needs to be polished up.

I’m not gonna post anything publicly, I’m just going to keep working on these pages until there’s enough for me not to worry about weekly posts.

I’m also coining the idea to see if I can make a few shorts, but I’ll have to test myself a bit to see if I can actually manage that, outside of scripts.

I’ll try to keep this and other pages posted.


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2016-07-24 22:28:49

Update on Life: Busy mom needs more baby formula. Now I have to pay $15,000.

widemouthink responds:

Well that sucks, but good luck with that.


2016-07-25 13:30:07

It's a joke, you would understand if you played The Game of Life XD