Yet another 'Not Dead' Note

2017-02-09 11:07:20 by widemouthink

I have been very busy working on my comic, to the point I had to disconnect myself from a bunch of sites.

I've already posted a few of those finished pages to my tumblr, but felt like I should wait a bit before posting them anywhere else (especially since I had to restart the story to better fit certain elements of the plot).

I've also been helping some friends on their projects by making concept/promo art, meaning I've been drawing a lot of shit that I can't show until a later time.

Been trying to find a job as well, but my country is a piece of shit, so the only way I can actually make any cash on my own is by  trying to get some commission from people of the internet.

Can't promise I'll be more active here but I'll try to post some of the finished things I've worked on.


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